Thursday, October 25, 2012

Even though we are already half way through the course, I have learned quite a bit from this class already.  Never in my wildest imagination did I know or think that there was so much that you can do with Microsoft Office.  In Particular, the MLA or APA tab in Microsoft word is absolutely wonderful, and a life saver when I have to do papers using MLA style.   Since, learning Microsoft Word I have had a paper due for another class in which I utilized the references tab.  Just like the advice of our instructor I went first thing and typed in my sources immediately, so as I was typing my paper I was able to go right ahead and input the citations, as well as it already had my resources neatly and correctly formatted, without me having to go and research exactly how to document my sources.  From the remaining time we have left in the class I look forward to learning more about using Excel.  I have already seen and reaped the benefits from the Excel work that I have learned in this class, in my Accounting class.  And, that will help me be ahead of the game when I have to take my next Accounting class, as it is a four credit class, and the fourth credit is associated to learning Excel as a lab.  For the remainder of this class, I look forward to learning the ins and outs of Power Point.  My major is Business Administration, and once I venture off into the workforce with my degree in Business Administration degree I will be better prepared for presenting spreadsheets, and possible presentations using the skills that I hopefully will obtain from the remaining time left in this class.